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La Pineda de Salou Everything you need for your holidays

La Pineda is an urban and seaside town on Costa Dorada, quiet and modern, located between the beautiful city of Tarragona and the lively city of Salou, and belongs to the municipality of Vila-seca.

It is the perfect balance for spending your holidays, especially if you are a family with children and you are looking for a break and disconnection from work and the burden of the city, without leaving aside the fun. In La Pineda, you will not be disappointed, since it has a lot to offer you in summer.

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of La Pineda is its large sandy beach that makes it particularly popular for family tourism, but not only that, as there are kilometers of wide golden beaches where you can idle in endless baths in the warm clear waters of the Mediterranean, build impregnable castles of golden sand with the children, or lose yourself in essential readings of the heart in the tranquility of summer.

What to see and do in La Pineda

As not everything is about the beach, in Litoral Costa Dorada, we are going to do a review of other activities you can do and the points of interest to visit while on vacation in La Pineda, because in this beautiful town, alternatives are almost endless.

History and cultural tourism

If you like cultural tourism and history, do not miss Castell de Vila-seca, an old fortress with a neo-medieval aspect. Its stylized silhouette stands out above the leafy pine forest that surrounds it; or take a trip to Iglesia de Sant Esteve, an emblematic monument with over 800 years of history, to consolidate the legends about the founding of Vila-seca. But do not forget to pay a visit to Celler Noucentista, Portal of Sant Antoni and Santuari de la Mare de Deu de la Pineda.

Nature and outdoor leisure

And after getting your dose of culture, how about a little exercise and fun? And, just as an ancient philosopher used to say, every time a man laughs, he adds a couple of days to his life.

If you like to walk or ride your bike, there is an essential excursion to enjoy with family or friends. This is Torre d'en Dolça park, that will leave you enchanted by its open green space, and its social, sports and cultural facilities. In the space that now occupies the grounds of the new park, an intense agricultural activity was formerly carried out, dedicated to the Mediterranean crops, mainly the olive tree, the carob tree and the vine. Another important activity of this place was the extraction of natural stone, used for many centuries for the construction of cathedrals, cooperatives and Catalan modernist buildings.

Torre d'en Dolça was built in the 12th century and it is very likely that it originally belonged to the castle of Salou. In the 16th century, when piracy caused more havoc than ever, the tower became a permanent garrison. Torre d'en Dolça, with its 110 square meters surface area, was the largest defense network in the entire Costa Dorada, and thanks to its strategic position, it became an exceptional link between the towers of the coast and those closest to the village core.

Ayuntamiento de Vila-seca (townhall), in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya (Council of Catalonia), rehabilitated it in 2005. The Torre d'en Dolça can be visited on the day of the Tradicionales Carreras de Sant Antoni, which are held in January during the local patronal feast.

Leisure in La Pineda

If you want to add a couple -or more- fantastic days to your lives, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit PortAventura World. “Through this, I present my resignation to be an adult. I have decided to be a child again”, this is what you will think when you arrive in this kingdom of fantasy and fun. Nowadays, it is one of the best theme parks in Europe, undoubtedly able to compete with the most popular American parks. More than 3,5 million people visit PortAventura World every year, where the spectacular nature of its amazing roller coasters puts to test the most daring holidaymakers. La Pineda is just 15 minutes away from PortAventura and, in addition, it is very well connected with nearby cities.

If it is too hot and you do not want to give up the fun and the freshness of water, the Aquapolis water park is the perfect place to be. This water park, the largest in Catalonia, is the best option for cooling down, with its endless waterslides. And if your surfer soul still has not found a way to satisfy your restlessness in the placid Mediterranean Sea, here, you can enjoy the best waves in the amazing surfing indoor attraction: Surf Waimea!

Fun for the youngest

It is clear that families already have their place and their leisure offer in La Pineda. But what about the singles in eternal search of adventures and parties? “You cry when you arrive and you cry when you leave”, said some tourists in a movie we saw the other day. The same can be said of this coastal town. And it is very likely that La Pineda has the best summer of your life in store for you.

It does not appear in tourist guides and when you arrive there, you do not expect it, but La Pineda, even though it is a small town of a family-friendly look, is a real discovery. True revelers in search of party regularly attend Pineda Drink, the hottest area of town.

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Right in front of Aquapolis is this area of fun and nightlife, characterized by a multitude of pubs and bars, beach bars and restaurants where the real party begins. People gather here, they meet each other and then, when the atmosphere has already been fully animated, they go party to the many clubs in the area. And one of these, a top destination, can be no other than Pacha La Pineda, the largest club in the entire Costa Dorada. The best national and international DJs perform every night for a mainly young audience in search of sensations.

If what you like is another kind of party, make sure to vacation in La Pineda around July 25th, because it is the day when the Sant Jaume patronal feast is celebrated, where you can enjoy tradition, dances, culture and live music, and feel like a local.

And afterwards, the party continues in Vila-seca, around August 3rd, with the patronal feast of Vila-seca, on the occasion of the feast of Sant Esteve, patron saint of Vila-seca. Various festive events in the squares and streets of the town: dances, concerts, children's shows, fireworks, open-air cinema, giants and grallers (musicians who play the chirimía) form the framework of some live and popular parties.

The beaches of La Pineda

The main beach of the town and the best known is Playa La Pineda, measuring approximately two kilometers, where apartment buildings are located on the beachfront. The park “Pinar del Perruquet” provides a free space between the beach and the residential area. It is a park where you can enjoy the landscape and leisure in the middle of nature. A natural and friendly space, inspired by the main elements of nature: Wind, Light, Shade, Earth and Water.

Playa del Racó beach awarded the prestigious FEE "Blue Flag" status

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Throughout the walk, you can find beach bars, as well as umbrellas and hammocks for rent. In the Northern part, there are beach volleyball courts for the most athletic, and for those who like to eat by the sea, there are plenty of restaurants and bars for all tastes.

Playa del Racó begins at the southern end of La Pineda, just behind Cap de Salou. Hundreds of meters long and extremely wide, with fine, golden sand, this beach will enchant you. As in neighboring cities, it's been awarded the prestigious Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) "Blue Flag" status for outstanding water quality thanks to its shallow waters and fine, sandy bottom which is free of rocks. Playa del Racó is the perfect place to go with children. In days of strong swells, it’s a popular destination for surfers.

Surrounding Area of La Pineda: Tarragona, Reus and Delta del Ebro


If you travel in September, take the opportunity to visit the nearby Tarragona (only 10 kilometers away) and attend the Santa Tecla festivities, famous throughout Catalonia for its live music, fireworks, giants, castellers, and parades. Tarragona is a true open-air museum. In 2000, the city was classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its archeological treasures. Between Roman remains and modernist art, Tarragona will leave you speechless.

The Roman circus is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the city. Or relive the Roman Empire by visiting the amphitheater built in the first century AD by the Emperor Domitian, kept in perfect condition until today. At the peak of power, it held up to 20 thousand spectators.

Today you can visit its interior from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m. A few kilometers from Tarragona there are other Roman ruins, such as the Pont del Diable aqueduct, built on the Francolí River. It is a world heritage monument, protected by UNESCO. But you will also find Torre de Escipión and Arco Bara, 20 kilometers from Tarragona.


If you like cultural excursions, architecture and history, less than half an hour by car is the city of Reus, the second largest city in terms of population of the province of Tarragona, and also the birthplace of the famous Catalan artist Antoni Gaudí. Here you can see his birthplace and the street that bears his name, adorned with some modernist sculptures.

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Delta del Ebro

If you want to move a little further south, about 40 kilometers below you will find Delta del Ebro. It is a natural park and one of the most important wetlands in Spain. Thousands of bird species live here in paddy fields. It offers incredible landscapes and unspoiled beaches up to 14 kilometers long. Visit the landscapes, and also its restaurants, known for their specialties in rice.

Useful information about La Pineda

Tourist Office of La Pineda

Get more information while vacationing in La Pineda by visiting our website, or visit the tourist office of La Pineda for personalized advice. You will find it at:

  • Address: Paseo de Pau Casals, 67, 43481 Playa de La Pineda
  • Hours: 10: 00-14: 00 and from 5: 00-20: 30.
  • Phone: 977 37 33 03.

Here you can get the routes and schedulesfor all urban and public transportion in La Pineda, including how to get to PortAventura or other towns on the Costa Dorada, as well as beach and water activities, restaurants, family-friendly activities you can do in La Pineda with children (La Pineda is cataloged as a family tourism destination by the Generalitat de Catalunya), local parties and leisure to enjoy your holidays in La Pineda.

Staying at La Pineda

Holiday rentals in Salou and La Pineda vary greatly and the two neighboring towns have many great offerings. La Pineda has a wide promenade where you can book tourist apartments both on the first line and more on the outlying areas. If we travel with friends or large family, it is best to rent a house or even a larger villa to enjoy the trip with greater freedom and more comfort. On our website you will find a large number of holiday accommodation for all tastes and budgets.

How to get to La Pineda in Tarragona

La Pineda is located 10 kilometers from Tarragona and 18 kilometers from Reus airport. It is just over an hour by car from Barcelona airport. La Pineda is connected by highways (AP-7), freeway (A-7) and by the N-340 and there is a bus line (La Plana) that links all the municipalities of the Costa Dorada near Tarragona. La Pineda does not have a train station, but the nearest station is Salou, which is connected to La Pineda by bus.

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