Miami Playa

Miami Platja, discover the best coves in Southern Catalonia

Miami Platja is a coastal town belonging to the municipality of Montroig del Camp, which is about 20 kilometers inland and about 30 km South of Tarragona. Miami Platja is on the seafront and is next to l'Hospitalet de l'Infant, which is only separated by the Llastres river.

Miami Platja - or Miami, as its inhabitants call it - is a paradise for spending holidays. In Miami Platja, you will find all kinds of services aimed at satisfying the needs of holidaymakers. Its commercial activity and central axis is Avenida Barcelona (current N-340), from which the population center has grown.

A bit of history about Miami Platja

It is a relatively new town, built in 1952 at the initiative of Marcelino Esquiusy, and from that date on, it has been consolidated as a population with its own identity, thanks to the rapid pace of construction both in the center and in the urbanization that has been emerging around it.

Miami Platja Tourism — All the leisure and fun you need, to make the most out of your vacation

Leisure is synonymous with Miami Platja, because in summer, this town is fully designed so that no one gets bored for a minute - unless you really want to get bored lying on the beach, sunbathing the whole day, but who could get bored with that? If you are going to this paradisiacal enclave, it is to have fun. In Miami Platja, you can have a caipirinha on the seafront with your friends, dancing to the latest summer hits, or you can spend the day in a water park, enjoying yourself like a kid, with your family. You decide what your plan is. What is clear is that here, everyone finds what they are looking for.

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The central axis of activity in Miami Platja is Avenida Barcelona (currently N-340), from which the population center has emerged. In this avenue formed by several buildings and premises, you will find all kinds of restaurants, both specialized in local cuisine, where you can taste the best paellas and seafood, as well as international cuisine, from authentic Irish pubs, Italian pizzerias (real Italian), to all kinds of fast food, to grab a bite after a night of partying.


You will also find all sorts of small summer souvenir shops, small clothing stores, cinemas, bowling alleys, etc. The dream of every good vacationer looking for sun and beach and few worries, is Miami Platja.

In the coastal zone, you can find a large area with pubs, restaurants and beach bars, where you can have a good time, especially on summer nights, although it has an exceptional Mediterranean microclimate, with mild temperatures that invite you to stay from March to October. Miami Platja is undoubtedly one of the main tourist centers of Costa Dorada.

What to see and do in Miami Platja

A vacation in Miami Platja is the paradigm of summer. In Miami Platja, visitors go to spend some typical and enjoyable sun and beach holidays. It is the ideal place to combine relaxation, leisure, fun and nature. So, in this town, you will find all kinds of facilities to make your summer vacation an unforgettable one, whether you go with family, just with your partner or with friends. Therefore, we will tell you everything you can see and do in Miami Platja.

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There is also room, of course, for cultural tourism. For example, if you like ecclesiastical culture, we recommend a visit to Ermita de la Virgen de la Roca, one of the main centers of Marian devotion in the region, that has also been a source of inspiration for several artists, among them, the great painter Joan Miró is worth mentioning.

This city also holds Ermita del Peiró, which dates back to 1752 and boasts a simple and welcoming architecture. In addition, if you pay it a visit on foot, you can enjoy a short and relaxing walk, where you will discover the typical Mediterranean landscape of the area. The monastery has a recreation area, which merges with the Peiró pine forest, to make an amazing picnic spot.

Iglesia Nueva de San Miguel Arcángel, also known as Catedral del Baix Camp due to its large dimensions, started being built in 1801; even though it remains unfinished to this day, like Sagrada Familia, you can go inside during mass hours.

In Montroig, you can visit Museo del Aceite Solé, a museum where you can enjoy the particularities of oil, in a trip among machines, tools, utensils, photos and drawings used by the ancestors of the family of the same name.

If, in your family, you are more of a fan of gastronomic tourism than of ecclesiastical tourism, you are also in luck. If, in addition, you decide to come on vacation at the beginning of June, that will coincide with the gastronomic days of the octopus, an amazing experience. But if not, do not stop looking for good restaurants by the sea, where you can eat fantastic rice, a fideuà, a suquet de peix or a seafood barbecue. Let yourself be surprised by the magnificent cuisine of Costa Dorada.

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And if you are an art lover, you must visit Centro Miró. It is an interpretation spot of the artist, where you can see the set of paintings related to Montroig del Camp painted by the great Miró. In addition to the 22 reproductions of the pictures exhibited in a didactic way and set in the Montroig of the era, you can also find the original tapestry called Llargandaix de les plomes d'or, drawn by Joan Miró and made by Josep Royo, as well as several audiovisual works on the painter's relationship with Montroig.

And, if you prefer moving or if you already have had enough cultural visits, what’s better than moving your body a bit? In Miami Platja, there are many companies that offer MTB cycling and hiking routes and of course, all kinds of nautical activities. You can also play golf in one of the best venues not only on Costa Dorada, but also in the entire Catalonia.

What to do in Miami Platja with children?

As we anticipated, Miami is a family-friendly destination and we will show you what you can do in Miami Platja with children:

Just 28 kilometers away is PortAventura, the temple of fun, one of the most famous amusement parks in Europe and without a doubt, the childhood dream of each one of us. So, if you have come to this city with children, please take them for a day to PortAventura, because you too, will love the experience. It is an incredible park divided into 6 thematic areas: China, Sésamo Aventura - a special area for the little ones called Sésamo Aventura, with attractions and shows related to the most famous characters of the television show Sesame Street -, Mexico, Polynesia, Far West and the Mediterranean.

As in summer it is very sunny and there are quite a few hours where you are walking outdoors, do not forget the sunscreen, a hat and swimsuit, you will have a great time at the water attractions!

And speaking of swimsuits, do you know that on Costa Dorada there are no more, no less than three water parks? One of them, of the most spectacular, is precisely at PortAventura World: the PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park.

There’s also the Aquópolis in La Pineda, considered one of the best in Spain, and Aqualeón. So you will not be short of spots where to splash.

If your holidays start in September, in Miami Platja, the Pirate Party is celebrated, a show attended by locals and tourists alike, especially children.

If your children are already a little bit older, they will surely love to spend an afternoon doing quads. For this, you can go to Miami Aventura Quads. Or you can also do some water sports with your family, such as paddle surfing, for example. There are many companies that offer this service in Miami Platja.

The best beaches and coves of Miami Platja

Don’t forget to get a tan and play with the sea waves and make sandcastles. It is obvious that if one comes on vacation to a place called Miami Platja, it is because they want to go-to-the-beach. Sun and beach, pool before dinner, walk on the seafront before sleep, and tomorrow do it all over again. Isn’t that the paradigm of happiness? Well, we are going to give you all the information you need, to enjoy it big time:

Miami Platja has 12 kilometers of coastline, quiet beaches and coves with crystal clear waters and warm, golden sand. In Miami Platja, you will have at your disposal and close to the apartment you choose, four beaches and nine coves that will allow you to enjoy unforgettable holidays with your family, your partner or your friends.

Playa de Cristal is the largest and most popular beach; 1,3 km long and 50 m wide for your enjoyment, with all sorts of services, of course. Ideal to go on foot if you are lodged in the center of the town. It also holds the Blue Flag certification.
The other three beaches are Playa de la Porquerola, sandy beach, the longest and narrowest of all and the least frequented, but yes, with many services, such as parking, beach bars, lifeguard, rental service of nautical activities... Playa de Pixerota, almost two kilometers of beach, with Blue Flag certification and all services, highly recommended. Finally, Playa Llarga, with the peculiarity that it is a protected area, but offering good access, lifeguard, showers and beach bars, is worth a visit.
Now, let's talk about the coves:

  • Cala California and Cala Bot: they are two coves in one, one next to the other and they are both idyllic, ideal if what you like is spending hours in the water.
  • Cala Santa Fe and Cala del Misteri: They form a double cove, one next to the other, forming the largest cove of Miami Platja.
  • Cala del Solitario: Isolated and cozy cove, we recommend a visit.
  • Cala de las Sirenas: perfect if you are looking for nature in its purest state: it is an unaltered and wild cove.
  • Cala dels Vienesos: it is the smallest cove of Miami Platja, but the most recommended, with golden and very fine sand. It is not very long but there is enough space to accommodate enough people, since it has a triangular shape.
  • The bottom of the shore quickly descends to the sea, as in the entire coastline of Miami Platja. The vegetation above the cliffs contrasts with the gold of the sand and the turquoise blue of the sea. Of course, this cove has no chiringuito, so better bring drinks and snacks from your apartment, if not, you will have to go to one of the neighboring coves.
    Cala dels Àngels and Cala del Pescador: these are large coves with fine sand and rocks that surround them. They look like a movie set.
    We hope that with all this information, you will get a clear idea of how you are going to organize your vacation, which is the beach style that best suits you according to the company you have chosen to spend the summer with, and which swimsuit you are going to pack. We already have everything ready, for you to make the most out of your vacations in Miami Platja.

    Map of coves and beaches of Miami Platja

Useful information about Miami Platja

If, apart from this useful information that we are giving you on our website, you want all kinds of information on activities you can perform if you are on vacation in Miami Platja, such as where to eat, what activities to do with children, cultural routes through Costa Dorada, shopping, leisure activities, water sports, train schedules, buses, local festivals or any topic related to the beaches of Miami Platja, we recommend you go to the Miami Platja tourism office.
You will find it at: Plaza Tarragona, s/n, 43892 Miami Platja, Tarragona. It is open from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. If you prefer, you can also contact the tourism office of Miami Platja by phone at 977 81 09 78. For your information, meetings with tourists usually last 15 and 45 minutes.

Where to stay in Miami Platja?

Miami Platja has been a standard in the Catalan tourism sector for many years and as a result, it has developed a very important infrastructure around the municipality. In Miami Platja, you will not find many hotels or aparthotels to stay in, but the holiday rental sector in Costa Dorada is very large, and Miami Platja could not be an exception.
The apartments for rent in Miami Platja are very numerous and you can find many of them in first line and with sea views. If you look for villas or houses for rent in Miami Platja, the best option is to go to the areas of Casalot or Pino Alto, where you can find really luxurious houses for rent. If you want to enjoy a relaxed holiday at our leisure and without hurry, this type of property may be the best option.

Climate and temperatures in Miami Platja

In Miami Platja, you will enjoy a fully Mediterranean climate, where you can spend warm and sunny summer months. The average number of sunny days per year is about 300. So, if you are looking for sun and beach holidays, Miami Platja is your destination, without a doubt.
The temperatures in the summer season in Miami Platja range from 23 to 34 degrees, depending on the year, since there are summers when heat is more intense than in other years. In any case, the sea will always be very close to enjoy it.
In Miami Platja, winters are relatively cold, with temperatures between 5 and 14º C, and often, the wind blows from the Mestral (North-West). It is a dry and cool wind, characterized by leaving the sky clear of clouds and particles and of an intense blue color.
The times of greatest abundance of rainfall in Miami Platja take place in spring and autumn, with October being the rainiest month. In summer, rains are very rare. The average rainfall in Miami Platja is between 375 and 700 mm per year, while the driest month of the year is July, with only 165 mm of average rainfall.
Like any seaside town, the climate of Miami Platja in summer consists of a wet breeze, with humidity percentages between 65 and 68%.
The pleasant climate, with mild temperatures, is another hot feature for tourism in Miami Platja.

How to get to Miami Platja?

Miami Platja is very well connected by road (N-340), motorway (A-7 exit 1131) and motorway (AP-7 exit 38) and by train through the Hospitalet del Infant station. It also has commuter and long-distance bus lines. There is also the possibility of arriving by plane to the airport of Reus, only 25 km away, to Barcelona, 124 km away, or by sea to the sports port of L'Hospitalet del Infant.

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