Hospitalet de L´Infant

Hospitalet de L´Infant
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Holidays in L'Hospitalet del Infant Everything you need to know

L'Hospitalet de l'Infant is a small town located on the wonderful Costa Dorada, belonging to the municipality of Vandellós, just 30 minutes by car from its capital, Tarragona..

¿What you are going to love about this town in the South of Catalonia?

First, its beautiful landscape: in L'Hospitalet del Infant, you can enjoy the mountains and the sea at the same time, as well as the contrasts of colors and nature. The offer of fun does not leave anyone out and satisfies all needs, from families with children to groups of friends who want a more festive holiday.

Its friendly inhabitants, the commercial and leisure offer and its spectacular beaches make tourists enjoy both its cosmopolitan and modern coastal environment, as well as experience its most traditional and natural essence.

L'Hospitalet del Infant will enchant you with its deepest essence. From its cozy surroundings to its traditional festivities and its flavors of homemade and typical cuisine, full of aromas of the sea, vegetables from the land and wines from the innerlands.

For those who love adventure, in L'Hospitalet del Infant, they can enjoy virtually unspoiled beaches, where it’s possible to hear the sound of the waves, while you breathe in the air of the valley. And for those who love the mountain, a few minutes by car or public transport, you can enjoy trails and magical landscapes, the extraordinary richness that this place offers.

What to see and do in L'Hospitalet del Infant

The name "L'Hospitalet del Infant" reflects the main characteristic of its inhabitants: the "hospitality", since L'Hospitalet del Infant takes its name from the hospital built in the middle of the XIV century, in the center of the town, by Infante Pere, son of Jaume II and Blanca of Anjou.

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The hospital, called Coll de Balaguer, was built to offer accommodation to travelers as well as religious people and beggars, who traveled along the route between Barcelona and Valencia or along the route of the old Roman Via Augusta.

It is also worth spending some time to visit the old Gothic Hospital, which, with a square structure of about fifty-five meters wide, was fortified to ensure control of a coastline exposed at that time to frequent corsair attacks.

This site is an excellent example of Catalan civil gothic style, with large naves culminating with diaphragm arches where the wooden beams rest. Currently, the hospital has consolidated and raised its four towers, the entrance to the Plaza del pozo, three facades and three Gothic arches behind the courtyards of the houses that are in the interior. This is a spot that will take you back in time.

Three routes to discover the seabed: Snorkeling enthusiasts can take advantage of some itineraries designed to observe the most characteristic species of Posidonia, which is a plant with roots, stems, leaves and flowers, and is considered by the European Union as a habitat of priority protection. In fact, the posidonia is the plant that makes water look crystal-clear, and on Costa Dorada, there is great abundance of this plant.

The routes are located in Playa del Arenal, very close to the port. In these tours, submarine panels were installed, which have been marked with a colored buoy, where there is information and photographs of the most characteristic species of the seabed, so that bathers, with their glasses and snorkeling tube, can identify them easily.


What to do with children in L’Hospitalet del Infant

The beaches of the coast of L'Hospitalet del Infant offer many activities to bathers and are perfect to go with children because they have services such as beach daycare. In addition, here, you can practice family sports on the sand, such as beach volleyball or beach soccer, and practice a wide variety of water sports to enjoy nature in summer. Also, if you go with children, don’t miss the Centro Cultural Infant Pere, located at the entrance of the town. It is a modern building where there is a library, a theater-auditorium and even a children's area and archive of images. A good idea to enjoy time with the little ones!

Fun in L’Hospitalet del Infant

The Costa Dorada is a region also characterized by its festivals and traditions, events that, if you visit this part of the world, may leave you speechless. It is a way to learn more about customs and take in the culture of its land. If your holidays coincide with the week of August 16th, you will be lucky enough to be able to enjoy the major festivals of L'Hospitalet del Infant which are celebrated in honor of San Roque.


You will enjoy a week full of light and music, with activities for everyone, adults and children alike, featuring devils, giants, sports competitions, popular meals, dances, fireworks and much more. One thing is clear: you can’t miss this! But it is not necessary to attend the biggest festival of L'Hospitalet del Infant to enjoy the nightlife, since in this seaside town, there is a great nightlife atmosphere in summer, with a multitude of restaurants, bars, chiringuitos on the beach, where you can have a tasty cocktail and party the night away.

The beaches of L’Hospitalet del Infant

L'Hospitalet del Infant can boast of long beaches of fine sand and clear blue waters, which enjoy the EMAS and the Blue Flag certificates. This distinction guarantees the high quality of its waters, the cleanliness, the existence of adequate toilets, rescue and first aid services.

Playa del Arenal, which stretches almost 2 kilometers, is the largest of L'Hospitalet del Infant and the closest to its center.

It is a very wide beach, with fine sand, with clear and turquoise waters. In front of Playa del Arenal is Base Náutica Costa Daurada, an ideal place that has a lot to offer, like all kinds of water sports, such as light sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and guided kayak or MTB excursions.

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Playa Punta del Riu, 700 meters wide, is located next to Puerto Deportivo de l’Hospitalet de l’Infant. It is ideal for water sports. Playa naturista del Torn is located within the natural area of Les Rojales and, internationally known, it is characterized by its dunes and its vegetation, where sea and mountains merge into a unique beautiful landscape, part of a location of natural interest. It has an area of one 1,6 kilometers.

Map of the beaches of L’Hospitalet del Infant

Playa del Torn and the nudist tourism in L’Hospitalet del Infant

There is a nudist movement in Spain, as in so many other parts of the world, although, in the Spanish language, it generally prefers to call itself a “naturist movement”. Its definition is as follows: “Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudism, in order to promote respect for oneself, others and the environment”.

Their advocates affirm that the practice of naturism (or nudism) is a way of life, recreational, cultural and educational, that promotes contact with nature, often under a community life, in a free manner, without religious or sexual discrimination. They defend the possibility of practicing nudism in public spaces. And one of these public spaces are the beaches. In fact, Spain has some of the best nudist beaches in the world. And guess what: a lot of them are on Costa Dorada, very close to the center of L’Hospitalet del Infant!

Whether you are already a beach naturist or just being awakened by the curiosity to go to a nudist beach for the first time, this information interests you, since we want to talk about Playa del Torn. Pay attention:.

Playa del Torn is considered one of the best nudist beaches in Spain. It is accessible for people with functional diversity and of course, it holds the Blue Flag certification. With a length of 1,4 kilometers and an average width of 100 meters, Playa del Torn is one that never gets crowded. It is also equipped with showers and lifeguard service. It holds the Blue Flag of quality, with fine sand and calm waters, so it is ideal to spend a day close to paradise practicing naturism..

How to get to Playa del Torn

To get to Playa del Torn, you can reach it in two different ways:

  •  North Access: It is the easiest way, take the entrance of the camping called El Templo del Sol and it will take you towards the Northern part of the beach. From the N-340 towards Valencia, and about 2 km after passing L'Hospitalet del Infant, you must take the detour that indicates the direction towards Urbanización Cala d'Oques and Camping El Templo del Sol. Here, you will find a parking where you can leave the car and walk down the stairs to the beach..
  • South Access: The Southern area of the beach is the quietest and a little more complicated to access. From the N-340 road towards Valencia, a few kilometers after L'Hospitalet del Infant, we find an ascent called Coll de Balaguer. Here, you can see a rest zone on the right side and a scrapyard a little further on. Here, you will have to turn right, as if you were going to enter the scrapyard to cross the road, but opposite, you can find a dirt road crossing the mountain and that will give you direct access to the beach.

Other nudist beaches on Costa Dorada

And if you are spending your summer holidays in Miami Platja and want to make a trip around the best nudist beaches of Costa Dorada, take note of this essential list:

  •  La Playa de La Marquesa en Deltebre
  • La Playa de El Trabucador en Sant Carles de la Ràpita
  • La Playa de El Serrallo en Sant Jaume d'Enveja
  • La Cala Fonda en Tarragona
  • La Playa de La Savinosa en Tarragona
  • La Cala de Rocas Planas en Tarragona
  • La Playa de El Muntanyans en Torredembarra

What to eat and drink in L’Hospitalet del Infant

The cuisine of Costa Dorada is based on the typical and healthy Mediterranean diet, with fish as the main ingredient, along with seasonal fruits and vegetables and grains, olive oil, rice and good wine. If you stay at L'Hospitalet del Infant, make sure to try one of its magnificent restaurants, one of the star dishes of the area such as the "suquet de peix", the sea bream or the sea bass, the wild tuna or the exquisite rice and of course, accompany it with a typical dessert, such as cherry coca, the "menjarblanc", the "capsetes" or the "carquiñoles".

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Thanks to its location between the sea and the mountains, you will find a wide variety of restaurants which offer typical sea and mountain products, ranging from traditional cuisine to more modern and innovative dishes. Be sure to try the blue fin tuna, caught by local fishermen, it's one of the greatest delicacies that can be eaten in the area.

Local restaurants, as well as restaurants in the nearby municipalities such as L'Ametlla de Mar or L'Ampolla, brag of a thousand and one ways to cook this blue fish. During the gastronomic days of the tuna, the entire city participates in the cooking tradition.

La Plaza de la Marina de l'Hospitalet de l'Infant is the setting of a fun and festive day for all tastes, where you can taste the traditional “clotxa” de atún, a pan de payés, which has its crumb removed and is filled with tuna and other ingredients of the payesía, like a ratatouille made with tomato, eggplant and pepper. Are you going to miss it? For those who like to finish a meal with a dessert, we recommend the typical "coca de cherries", the "capsetes" or the "carquiñoles". You will not leave L'Hospitalet del Infant hungry and without a good taste in your mouth.


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Accommodation in Hospitalet de l'Infant

Hospitalet de l'Ifant is a population of only 6,000 inhabitants, but during the summer it triples its population thanks to the arrival of both national and foreign tourism. The area enjoys a wide variety of holiday rentals because the population has developed a tourist infrastructure around its urban core and in the nearby municipalities where you can rent holiday apartments and also rent houses.

How to get to Hospitalet del Infant

L'Hospitalet de l'Infant is located south of Costa Dorada. It is well connected to all the coastal towns and main cities of the peninsula through the road network, and also has good public transporation with bus and train stations which provide regular services.

It is perfectly connected by the A-7 motorway, the AP-7 freeway and the N-340, which links it to the capital of the province, Tarragona, of which only 35 km separate it. L'Hospitalet de l'Infant is located 30 km from Reus Airport and 135 km from Barcelona Airport. Another option is to arrive by car, or in case of arriving by plane, rent a vehicle at the airport and return it on departure.

¿How is the weather in l'Hospitalet del'Infant?

l'Hospitalet de l'Infant enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm, pleasant summers which enjoy many hours of sun, as well as mild winters. The climate favors outdoor activities year round.

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