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Apartments for rent in La Pineda

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La Pineda is a coastal urban centre next to Salou in the centre of the Costa Dorada. It belongs to the town of Vilaseca where you can also find fantastic holiday apartments for rent in La Pineda for all budgets. Because of its ideal locationhalfway between Tarragona, the Ebro Delta and the interior regions where the natural park of the Puertos de Beceite are located, La Pineda is a small town that has around 3.000 inhabitants and is located very close to Salou and PortAventura, of course. Without a doubt an ideal location to find an apartment to rent in La Pineda with the entire family

The cuisine of La Pineda

The cuisine of La Pineda and and Salou is simply delicious. Being so close to the sea just like the rest of the Costa Dorada there are plenty of recipes that are based on the Mediterranean cuisine. Seafood specialities stand out such as the ‘elsuquet de pescado’ or ‘suquet the peix’ as it is called here. It consists of a pot of sautéed fish, fish broth, patatos and different types of fish depending on the area and the season


In addition, La Pineda is included in the Romesco Route, as this is one of the favourite dishes of the area. That is why if you come to visit La Pineda staying in one of our holiday apartments during Calçots season (from December to March) it is essential to attend a Calçotada and try calçots with romesco sauce. Delicious!

A little bit of history

It is believed that La Pineda comes from an old Roman villa located on the beach of La Pineda, at the exit of El Prat de Albinyana. Parts of the rooms, articulated open porticoed areas, private bathrooms and a storage area are still conserved. A discoverythat stands out from the mid 20th century is the famous mosaic of fish which is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona comes from the ‘frigidarium’ of the villa.

What to see and do in La Pineda?

Just like Salou, La Pineda is a perfect destination to travel to with children. Due to many reasons, but partcularlt because it has wide beaches, quiet waters, it is close to water parks like Aquópolis Costa Dorada or Caribe Aquatic Park inside of Port Aventura where you can also enjoy the Beach Club or PortAventura Golf. Without a doubt it will be a great idea to spend a family holiday in one of our apartments in La Pineda, adapted to the needs of the whole family.

In La Pineda you can also do different activities outdoors or in closed spaces, in the water or on land, from something more quiet to something more daring. In the summer you will definitely be drawn to water activities. La Pineda has the perfect port to do water activities such as snorkelling or scuba diving, winsurf and kitesurf or kayaking. But for those who do not like water activities, from La Pineda different hiking routes start to enjoy nature.

Apartments La Pineda close to the beach

If you have chosen to rent an apartment in La Pineda you made a great choice, because La Pineda enjoys on of the best beaches on the Costa Dorada. Very large, wide and extensive with fine, golden sand that is very pleasant. With a peaceful access to the sea perfect for children. It is divided in three areas: Prados Beach, La Pineda Beach and Rincón Beach. The beach of La Pineda is without a doubt an enviable place to enjoy a family holiday in one of our apartments.

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