3 alternative plans on the Costa Dorada

Maybe after spending a few days on the Costa Dorada relaxing in the sand of the beach, you want to do something a little bit different…So here are three alternative plans on the Costa Dorada: for the romantic, for history lovers and for the adventurers. Choose yours!

3 alternative plans on the Costa Dorada: a walk through the romantic Parque Samá

We start with a perfect plan for couples. Halfway between Cambrils and Montbrió del Camp, the Parque Samá was created at the end of the XIX century by the Marquis of Marianao, who wanted to recreate part of the ambience of colonial Cuba, where he had been living with his family. The Parque Samá is formed by the gardens, the palace and an artificial lake in which there are tents and turtles. It is considered one of the best gardens of romantic style in the Mediterranean. If you go during the summer, you will see it turned into a stage for concerts and other shows.


alternative plans on the Costa Dorada
De MARIA ROSA FERRE ✿ – Flickr: Torre Mirador, Parc Samà, Cambrils, CC BY-SA 2.0

Remember how was the marine life like in the House-museum of Carlos Barral

In front of the sea in the beach of Calafell, you can find the house of the writer and publisher Carlos Barral (1928-1989). It is a traditional fisherman’s house, of two floors and with a painted wooden balcony. It is the last of this style that still remains on the seafront of Calafell. Nowadays it is a museum and inside you can find reminiscent of the past through old photographs, ancient objects and explanatory panels that show how the fishermen lived before the arrival of the tourism. It’s the perfect alternative plan for nostalgic and eager for knowledge!


alternative plans on the Costa Dorada
By Enfo – CC BY-SA 3.0

Swimm among tunas in l’Ametlla de Mar

If you are adventurous, then you will prefer a more active plan. Surely you’ve seen ads of exotic destinations where you can swim with whales, dolphins or even with sharks. Well, in l’Ametlla de Mar you can swim among tunas. That said, it may not seem exciting enough, but think again… The Mediterranean bluefin tuna are not simply fish, they can weigh more than 200 kg. Swimming among tunas is a unique experience to see these animals closely and learn about them. The excursions are organized by the company Tuna Tour.


alternative plans on the Costa Dorada
Amtella de Mar


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