Test: what’s your city in the Costa Dorada according to your personality?

We won’t stop repeating it: there are destinations and activities for all tastes on the Costa Dorada. Although of course, according to your personality, there will always be some cities that will fit you better than others… So we have prepared a little test to help you find out what your perfect destination on the Costa Dorada is.

You only need a couple of minutes, paper and a pencil (or good memory to remember what you have answered!)


ciudad de la Costa Dorada




You prefer to travel… 

  1. As a couple
  2. In family
  3. Alone or with a group of friends

ciudad de la Costa Dorada


When you travel, you prefer… 

  1. Know other cultures and see monuments
  2. Chill, break the routine and have some fun
  3. Enjoy landscapes and nature


ciudad de la Costa Dorada

When you’re on holiday you like to…  

  1. Improvise and get carried away by the moment
  2. Plan everything so that you don’t waste
  3. Combine a Little bit of both previous options


ciudad de la Costa Dorada


Which of these activities do you prefer? 

  1. Eating a good paella next to the sea
  2. Sunbathing in the beach
  3. Surfing or practicing some othernautical sport


ciudad de la Costa Dorada


The best moment of the day is… 

  1. Afternoon
  2. Morning
  3. Evening


We are almost done! Now, you just need to sum your answers and take a look at the results:

If you answered to most of the questions with 1

You are a true romantic. In your ideal trip there are strolls on the seaside hand in hand with your partner, jacuzzis and diners under the stars. Your city of the Costa Dorada according to your personality is L’Ametlla de Mar.

ciudad de la Costa Dorada


If you answered to most of the questions with 2

You value confort mostly, simplicity and the practical side of life.  Your perfect holiday consist of taking a break from your daily routine and recover your natural energy. Your ideal city on the Costa Dorada is Cambrils.


ciudad de la Costa Dorada

If you answered to most of the questions with 3

You love adventure and discovering new horizons. You ideal holiday pack includes keeping you active, meeting new people and going out until dawn. The best city of the Costa Dorada for you is Salou.


ciudad de la Costa Dorada

If there is no a clear majority in your answers 

You are a person who knows how to find a balance in life and give it that zen touch sometimes so difficult to find. Your perfect holiday must combine a Little bit of everything, so the Costa Dorada destination you should bet on is L’Hospitalet de l’Infant.


ciudad de la Costa Dorada