10 things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada

If you’re traveling to the Costa Dorada with children and you are unsure where to go, don’t worry! The Costa Dorada is a perfect destination for families. To give you some ideas where to start, here are 10 things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada, beyond enjoying the beaches and water sports.

1. Travel to prehistory in the Caves of Espluga de Francoli

The Cave of the Font Major in l’Espluga de Francolí was already inhabited in the Palaeolithic. There are guided tours, audiovisual activities and tours available where you can discover what life was like millions of years ago. Moreover, it is one of the longest caves conglomerates in the world. So,  don’t forget to take your jacket no matter what season of the year you are in, the temperature inside is about 15 ° C.

2. Definitely one of the best things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada: Spend a day at Port Aventura in family

We know, it is a classic, but a family holiday on the Costa Dorada can not be considered complete without a visit to this fantastic theme park. From the boldest attractions like the Shambhala, until the Polynesian dances or fire shows, in Port Aventura fun is guaranteed for the little ones… and for those big ones too! No doubt this is one of the top things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada!

things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada

3. Walk the via ferrata of Morera de Montsant

However, if besides the beach, you and your family like the mountain too and have adventurous spirit, you can walk the Sierra del Montsant following the via ferrata that starts at the Morera. The scenery and views really deserve a good walk. The recommended minimum height for this activity is 150 cm. nor we recommend it for very young children.

things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada

4. Being miners for a day in Bellmunt del Priorat

Although your kids will probably not become miners in a future, you can always make yourselves feel like one for a while and walk almost a kilometer of galleries 35 meters underground in the mine of Bellmunt. In addition, in the area of the museum and the old garage, you can see what life was like in an old mining colony.

5. Riding in Pratdip

On the fifth position of the 10 things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada we find riding in Pratdip. If your children dream of being Amazons, jockeys or cowboys, in this small town you will find the Rancho Riding Las Rocas, where you can enjoy excursions on horseback through the mountains, pony rides for the little ones and night excursions that lead to beach.

things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada

6. Learn how to manufacture glass in Vimbodí

If you’re traveling with curious kids who are always asking about how this is done and how that works, you can’t miss the Museum and Furnace of Glass in Vimbodí. There you will enter the world of glass and you will be able to see live how the pieces of blown glass are made.

7. Make family caving in the caves of l’Espluga de Francoli

Another thing to do on the Costa Dorada if you’re adventurous is to join one of the tours for caving in the caves of l’Espluga. Wetsuits, flashlights and… let the adventure through an underground galleries going up the river begin! Although the maximum water depth is 1.5 m. we do not recommend this activity for young children.

8. Visit the Tortoises Interpretation and Reproduction Center

In Marçà there is a turtle recovery center that is responsible for protecting, breeding and reintroducing the Mediterranean tortoise in their natural habitat. This is a good place for kids to be aware of the importance of protecting nature while learning about these endangered tortoises in the Costa Dorada.

things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada

9. Discover the medieval town of Montblanc, one of the 10 things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada

With its walled old town, it is one of the best preserved medieval sets of Catalonia. Its towers, its palace and Gothic churches invite you to travel back in time. Also, if you go in April, you can enjoy the Medieval Festival of Montblanc, which gives life to knights and legends to celebrate Saint George Day!

things to do with the family on the Costa Dorada


10. Spend the afternoon in family at the bowling alley

In the Bowling Port Halley in Vila-Seca there are 20 tracks for bowling to test the whole family skills. They also have special bowling tracks for children, recreational machines and playgrounds.

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