Port Aventura at Christmas

Christmas is the most magical and charming time of the year, especially for the little ones, who live it with special illusion. In Port Aventura, it could not be less and for some years now, Christmas is also celebrated hereToday we tell you everything you can’t miss in Port Aventura at Christmas.


A walk through Port Aventura at Christmas:


At the entrance to Port Aventura Park, we are received by the Mediterranean area, totally decorated with Christmas motives, with the appearance of a typical fishing village of the Mediterranean coast in winter, the exact atmosphere you would live during the Christmas holidays in any coastal town in Catalonia. It even has a sea! Here is where the Royal Emissaries arrive each night following the great star that guides them on their route from the East. From here you can take a steam train that goes around the park and has a stop at Far West and Sesame Street. You can also take a boat that will take you through Polynesia, China and Far West., the famous roller coaster Furius Baco is.

If you have not caught the steam train or the boat and decide to continue on foot, the path will take you to Polynesia, a space where nature reigns, inspired by the tribal islands of this territory. The main attractions of Polynesia are related to water as well. Probably, if you visit Port Aventura at Christmas the weather will not be the ideal to try water attractions; instead, you should see the Christmas shows and get astonished with the decoration of each corner.

But let’s go, there’s no time to waste! The tour takes us to Imperial China, don’t miss the great wall and replicas of sculptures and real buildings. Awesome. Here there is also the jewel of the crown, the Dragon Khan, so be brave and get on it! And if the Dragon Khan is not enough for you, dare trying the Shambhala.

Even if you are traveling with children, take note: between China and Polynesia areas, you will find SésamoAventura, the area of the park dedicated to children and inspired by Sesame Street, a paradise for every little thing: balloons, kites, slides, tractors to ride the whole family, jumping butterflies…

After SésamoAventura, we immerse ourselves in the beloved Mexico! Set in pre-Columbian Mexico, it is filled with temples, sculptures and typical constructions of Mayan and Aztec culture. A must see, the Cantina, where besides being able to try authentic Mexican food, you will find a typical party that you did not expect. If you like strong emotions, hurry up to Huracan Condor, if not, you better stay with the Diablo, the mine train.

Afternoon is a good time to visit the Far West. A true town of the far west that will take you back in time, you will be a child again taking old-fashioned photos or being surprised by a fake street shooting.

Do not leave without getting on the Grand Canyon Rapids –wait, only in summer-, where you will cross the river through the Crand Canyon being splashed by its waters. Now, in Christmas, try the Stampida!

Enough of Far West? Then go to Penitence Station and take a steam train to get off in another area, or keep walking and you will get back to the Mediterranean, perfect for dining overlooking the beach and its boats with all the Christmas lights.


Port Aventura at Christmas
[photo credit www.portaventura.com]



Port Aventura at Christmas
[photo credit www.portaventura.com]

Cavalcade of the three Wise Kings in Port Aventura

In addition, every night of Wise Kings, on January 5, their Majesties the Three Wise Magi arrive in Port Aventura to collect the letters of the children giving away candies. Do not miss the spectacular cavalcade of the Three Wise Kings in Port Aventura!


Port Aventura at Christmas
[photo credit www.portaventura.com]

Shows in Christmas

For Christmas, special events are created for the occasion that will delight the kidsFind out a world full of magic where gifts, surprises and of course, meet Santa Claus!



Tips before going to Port Aventura at Christmas

To visit Port Aventura at Christmas you should go with comfortable shoes and a good coat, it will be cold at night!

No doubt it will be the most magical Christmas for the children of the house. Get some memories you will never forget.