Shopping in Reus

¿Did you know that Reus is known as «the city for shopping in the Costa Dorada”? If you like going shopping in Reus you’ll have a great time, because only in its historic center there are over 600 shops waiting for you to discover them… And as you take a walk around its streets, you’ll understand why this charming modernist city is also famous for its shops.

Shopping in Reus: meet the streets

The main shopping streets in Reus are Monterols, Llovera and Jesus. In them you will find a wide range of clothing and accessories from the most prestigious brands, large retail stores, perfumeries, small establishments with craftsmen and typical products of the area… Moreover there are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to make a stop on the way and rest a little bit.


By Magenri – CC0

Many of the streets in the center of Reus are pedestrian areas so you can take a relaxed walk looking at the window displays and enjoying the atmosphere in the city.

compras-reus ig



Another plus of going shopping in Reis is that many of the shops have a long history and are located in beautiful modernist buildings that have conserved the decoration in the interior. This is the case in several book stores, chandleries, pharmacies and clothing and furniture stores.

El Pallol Shopping Center

Reus also has a shopping center right in the middle of the historical center. However, ‘El Pallol’ is not the typical shopping center you might have seen in other cities. It’s a open-air walk in the street, divided into two different  floors, on which the stores are integrated into the buildings of the area. It’s the perfect place to take an afternoon walk and do some shopping. Don’t miss out!


Markets in Reus

If what you’re looking for is buying fresh products to cook a paella or you would like to take in the smells and colors of the local gastronomy, Reus has two big markets: The Mercado Central and the Marcado del Carrilet. At both of them you can find high-quality meat, fruit, vegetables and fish.