Gastronomy of Tarragona

When you are on holiday, first thing you need to have solved is the accommodation issues. Okey, we have this settled, so let’s thing about the second most important thing: food. If you are looking for foodie tourism and with a good value for money offer, new flavours, charming places, places where to come back year after year and where the owners will remember you from the previous summer, then you’re being lucky. You are in the right place, as there are few spots where you can eat better food than in the province of Tarragona. Stay tuned to our blog to find out all the secrets and concrete recommendations of the gastronomy of Tarragona.


Typical dishes of  the gastronomy of Tarragona


Calçots with romesco sauce

Originary from Valls, this culinary ritual has spread to all of Catalonia (and that’s for some reason!). It is a local product, the tender onion, which is grated on fire and then eaten accompanied by the famous romesco sauce.

gastronomía de Tarragona
Calçots with romesco sauce

It is not only healthy, but it’s fun too! Suggestion: accompany it with a good wine from the land, we have several Designation of Origin that are part of the gastronomy of Tarragona: Priorat, Montsant, Terra Alta, Tarragona or Conca de Barberà.

Cold meats from Tarragona

The cold meats are also house brand. So much that, in fact, if you go to a restaurant and see «Catalan amanida» (Catalan salad), you know that under the cold meats you will find the salad 🙂


gastronomía de Tarragona
Cold meats of Tarragona

The esmarris, which was cooked by the fishermen in the same boats on the high seas.

The xató, there are different variants of this salad, with cod, with tuna… and, yes, this salad comes with a good sauce xató above too!


Fish and seafood of Tarragona

If here we have something not to envy Galicia, apart from the weather, it is the seafood. The gastronomy of Tarragona is rich in seafood and fish from the market, such as the prawns from Sant Carles de la Rapita, the sole with almond sauce or the fish casserole.

And the thing is that, are there greater pleasures than a good plate of fresh fish or seafood just fished from the sea, straight to the table?


Where to eat the best meat in Tarragona

If you prefer meat rather than fish, no problem, despite being in the coast, there are great meat restaurants in the province of Tarragona. And if you would like to make a small trip from Tarragona, we are very close to the Beseit Ports, where you can find towns such as Alfara, Pauls, Horta de Sant Joan or Prat de Compte. Here you can eat the best meat in the province of Tarragona.

gastronomía de Tarragona
Mongetes con butifarra

Rice, the gastronomy of Tarragona par excellence

If for some reason the Costa Dorada and the province of Tarragona are famous, as well as for its beaches, it is for the rice grown here, especially in the Delta del Ebro, famous throughout the world for the excellent quality of its rice. As it could not be otherwise, we know how to cook it: paellas, arrosejats, fideuàs, rice with lobster… You will not have tasted anything like it!

gastronomy of Tarragona

Aquí we leave you some of our favourite restaurants to eat the best rice but shhhht! Don’t tell anyone!